A Robot with Human part’s

The Robot With Human Parts.

My vision is to inspire and help the people remember who we really are! We are all spiritual being having a human experience. We get so preoccupied with our mental description about life that we lose sight of our lives or at least life itself gets postponed. How many times have we said “oh, I can’t wait until I get this or that, then everything will be great.” Using such a destructive paradigm we negate the present moment. And the hidden message is this: I am not happy now, but I’ll be happy later when something outside changes. Therefore we are always “mentally” trying to be somewhere else other than here.

From my observation life offers the experience necessary NOW! I believe that one does not need to suffer immensely, be on their death-bed or in prison to remember the gift of being present. Life should be a celebration and death our graduation. I want to educate and spread my message of peace.

Every emotion we feel comes from one of two places FEAR or LOVE. God is love and the only illusion is fear! Like Martin Luther King Jr, I to have a dream that everybody will be free of the illusion of fear. Be aware and allow a little space everyday for no-thing to happen! Every moment we experience is a miracle… every moment!

Here’s a quick story to put everyone up to speed on how I got to this point…
(over time I’ll share my personal story)

Early, one morning I woke up and a thought & image came to me of a robot with human parts??
What does this mean I thought? In the space of an hour or so a friend of mine phoned me. During the conversation we spoke of many insightful and inspirational ideas, one being that I start blogging.

We discuss the pro’s & con’s of social medias and before long it came to me again, like a movie clip in a cinema…
“A robot with human parts!”
I sorta blurted it out to her. Over and over again I mumbled these words in many combinations until finally I settled with the original idea,

A Robot with Human parts.

Johnny 5, I am alive! (Short circuits 1986) How many of you remember that? If not, I suggest you watch it again and see if you can’t relate.

My inspiration for blogging will be to shed some light on the very dark age and culture we live in today. I once read this on a license plate:
Let that sink in…

Now ask yourselves this, what is a robot?
My answer would be a machine that is pre-programmed to do a number tasks.
Think about that for a second.
Now I asks, what does it mean to be human?
Think about it…
In my opinion we are supernatural beings all connected and capable of an unmeasurable amount of possibilities.
So what is a Robot with Human parts, you ask?
Simply put it is our ego.
But on a deeper level
It is the lie we tell ourselves to get by.
It is the blind belief in failing systems and institutions.
It is the unwillingness to process information for ourselves.
It is how one finds comfort zone in unconscious living.
It is how we “autopilot” from work to school and for the most part life.
It is the inability to live NOW!

It is truly amazing how in 2011, we would allow a very small group of people control the way we live and raise our families. And then transform that trapped energy into different forms of fear called stress, greed, anger, and other self-destructive behaviors.
Today, I pose a very serious question to everyone including myself.
What are we waiting for? Take one minute to look around you or turn on your human programmer (t.v.), research Anything at all! I believe awareness is necessary before change can occur. Take back your power to think!
Wake up people! We have our own moral compass that is built inside each and every one of us. We don’t need instructions on how to live. To live is to be!

Live Love Life John Smith

Check out my book I co-authored in 2001 called “Through the eyes of the judged”


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  1. I’m brand new to this site and it’s my first blog! Anybody who has comments please feel free to leave them and I welcome critics alike! Live love and learn equals Life!

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