Corporations Vs. Mother Nature?

What is a Right? And what is your Right?

That is a very special question and for the sake of simplicity I’ll keep it basic.
Webster- defined a right(n) as qualities that together constitute the ideal of moral propriety or merit moral approval
Ok, thank you, Mr. Webster.

As a very small child I was taught that we all have natural rights. Rights that were guaranteed unless we violated someone else’s rights. For example; yelling “fire” in a crowded room where there isn’t a fire is a violation to others and therefore is not a right for the offender. Although, the offender has freedom of speech the exception made here is clear, the crowds safety trumps the right of the yeller. I’m sure we can all agree food, water and shelter are basic rights. Somehow, we have reach a point in mankind where profit trumps public safety. Pretty scary huh?
Also, I do not remember voting to be an American genetically modified food participant. It’s 2011, and our lives are controlled and our rights disregarded. Over 90% of our foods are chemically enhanced in some fashion, tap water has fluoride (please research) bottle water caps are poisoning us and if that’s not scary enough what about the secrecy? Most Americans have no idea of the world they live in. This is where my inspiration for arobotwithumanparts blog began!
I wasn’t born last night and neither were you. Here’s the memo YOU and I are part of a huge science project and our lives are what’s being tested.
Let that sink in…
People the information is out there. Look, I am definitely no fan of wild conspiracies, but this is no theory. Reading is fun-to-mental and enlightening to me but research is absolutely necessary. Corporations patent plant life… what’s next? Genetically modified air?
Please keep in mind, awareness comes before change! The word of the day is RESEARCH. Until our paths cross again…

Live, Love & Learn equals Life!

Open your eyes! Please share this video with everyone. Just click on the word Corporation below!

Corporation Vs. Mother Nature


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